Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Code of Conduct



The goals of the Shrub Oak Athletic Club include the teaching of athletic skills and good sportsmanship to its members. In order to further such goals, the parental member of the Club and their children agree to conduct themselves at all meetings, practices and training exercises and sporting events in a manner consistent with the following Code of Conduct:

Integrity- Live up to the high ideals of ethics and sportsmanship and always pursue victory with honor; do what is right even when it is unpopular or personally costly.

Honesty- Live and compete honorably; do not lie, cheat or engage in any other dishonest or un-sportsmanship conduct. Know the rules and abide by them and avoid the temptation to gain a competitive advantage through gamesmanship techniques that violate the highest traditions of sportsmanship.

Reliability- Fulfill commitments; do what you promise to do and on a timely basis; be on time to practices and games.

Respect- Treat all people with respect all of the time and require the same of other athletes.

-Do not engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks fo a sexual, racial or religious nature, trash talking, taunting, boastful celebrations, or other actions that demean individuals or the sport.

-Exercise self-control; do not fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration; have the strength to overcome the temptation to retaliate.

-Live up to high standards of fair play; be open-minded and always willing to listen to and learn from coaches.

-Demonstrate concern for others; never intentionally injure any player or engage in behavior that might cause injury to yourself or others.

-Help promote the well-being of teammates by positive counseling and encouragement.

Respect Officials-Treat contest officials with respect; do not complain about or argue with official calls or decisions during or after an athletic event; do not use language or gestures intended to threaten, demean or show disrespect to officials.

Class-Live and play with class; be a good sport; be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity; give fallen opponents help, compiment extraordinary performance and show sincere respect in pre- and post-game rituals.

Role Modeling-Remember that participation in sports is a privilege, not a right, and that you are expected to represent your coaches, teammates and family with honor, on and off the field; that you are a role model for athletes younger than yourself; and that parents are role models for all children. Consistently exibit good character and conduct yourself as a positive role model. Suspension or termination of the participation privilege is within the sole discretion of the
Club's Board of Directors.


Shrub Oak Athletic Club is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity

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