Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Softball - Majors Rules





                                 SOAC/P.V MAJOR LEAGUE SOFTBALL PROGRAM:

A 12" solid core softballs will be used for our Majors program. 

§  Game is played for 1 ½ hours.  Coaches need to agree to the final inning at the 1 hour mark. 

§  There is no limit on the amount of runs that can be earned in any inning

§  A player may steal 2nd or 3rd or home base once the ball crosses the plate. 

§  Runners may only advance 1 base when the ball is thrown out of bounds.  A runner advancing to third during the out of bounds throw will be sent home and a run will score.

§  There will be 9 players in the field.

§  If the catcher drops the 3rd strike, the runner may advance to first.  If the runner reaches 1st base prior to the ball reaching the base, the runner is safe and no out has occurred. This only occurs if there is no runner on first base and there are less than two outs.

§  There is no limit to the amount of innings a pitcher can pitch.

§  Distance to home plate for pitchers is 40 feet.

§  Every player will bat in the order set before the game beings, regardless if they are playing in the field or not.  Any player that arrives after the start of the game prior to the beginning of the 3nd inning will be allowed to play, but must bat at the bottom of the order.  If the child arrives after the beginning of the 3rd inning, they are not allowed to play unless agreed on by the opposing  coach. 

§  Each child is required to wear a helmet with face cage while at bat and on base.

§  Anyone that pitches must wear a face-guard while they are pitching.

§  If a team is not able to field 9 players, please have the opposing team fill the field.  We do not want any missed games so please ensure that each team has 9 players on the field at all times.

§  Players are expected to slide to slide on any close plays.  Each team is given 1 warning that the player must slide.  The 2nd time during a game that it happens, the player is called out if they do not slide.

§  For the playoffs we will extend the time to two hours for the game.  In the case of a longer game, both coaches need to agree on the last inning at the 1 ½ hour mark.  Seeding will be based on standings in the event of a tie we will use the run total to decide who has the higher seed.  In the event of a tie in the run total, a coin will be flipped. 

§  For the first round of the playoffs, 2 will be the home team and play 3.  1 will play the winner of 2 and 3.


Infield Fly Rule:

Applies only with runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd and with less than two outs.

The umpire should call it, any time a catchable pop fly ball is hit within the infield 
territory (from the edge of the outfield grass to homeplate). The batter will be called 
out. The runners may advance at their own risk if in fair territory.


(1) Players will pitch entire game, no parents. A Pitcher that is removed from position may 
re-enter game at any point of game.

(2) The umpires assigned by the club are in complete charge of the games. Once a game 
begins, the game is completely in the hands of the umpire.

(3) The umpire has the authority to:

(a) Eject any player or coach who persist in arguing a call and/or uses profane language 
directed at the umpire, manager, coach or other players. The use of profane language is an 
automatic ejection.

(b) Eject any player or coach for flagrant unsportsman-like conduct such as fighting or 
throwing equipment or committing intentional over aggressive acts that could injure 
another player. Anything here should be referred to the league commissioner



No inning will start after the expiration of the 1.5 hour time limit (Championship games 

excluded.) (Any inning in progress will continue to its conclusion unless terminated by the 

umpire due to weather conditions or darkness).

Games will begin promptly at the scheduled times. Teams should be at the assigned fields 
AT LEAST one half hour prior to starting time. Each team will be allowed infield practice 
for one half of the time interval between the end of the previous game and the scheduled

starting time of their games.

A game and score is official after the completion of 3 1/2 innings, with the home team 
leading, or 4 innings with the visiting team ahead (Championship games excluded). Losing 
team must have had 4 complete turns at bat. The score of an official game terminated

before the completion of six innings reverts to the score of the last complete inning.

Partial (incomplete) games or rainouts will be resumed from the point of play stoppage.

Official games that end in a tie after 6 innings, but where the two-hour time has not 
expired, will continue until the time has run out. Games ending in a tie at the end of 6 
innings will be recorded as "Ties". No replay or continuation will take place (Championship 
games will continue until there is a winner).



Game cancellations will be at the discretion of both the managers. The decision should be 
at least one hour prior to game time.

Generally, games will be cancelled only in extreme weather conditions, (i.e., heavy rains or 
flooding). Threatening weather and/or damp grounds are not sufficient cause for 

Games in progress may be "delayed" by the umpire. After a reasonable delay, games may 
be terminated (if official) or suspended (if unofficial), at the discretion of the umpire, 
based on existing conditions. Visible lightning causes immediate termination or suspension, 
as appropriate.

If an entire day's slate of games is cancelled, the Commissioner will reschedule a full 
replay program, probably pre-empting team practice and possibly requiring the playing of 
Sunday afternoon games.

Be prepared for Sunday or weeknight games as needed due to rainouts. Makeup games 
take priority over practice. Rescheduled games will be worked out between coaches.



Coaches are asked not to argue calls with the umpire so as to set an example for the 
players. If a coach feels the umpire is performing inadequately, the coach should 
talk privately to that umpire in between innings in a non-confrontational manner.

Any coach arguing with an umpire is subject to a minimum 1 game suspension and possible suspension for the year.




Players must wear protective batting helmets when "at bat" or waiting On-deck to bat

§  All players on base must wear a protective running helmet.

§  All Pitchers must wear a face mask while pitching

§  Batting helmets must have the face cage.

§  Players are encouraged to wear a heart guard

§  All players with the exception of those on the field or at bat must remain behind the 
dugout fences.

§    No spectators, players or coaches will be permitted to stay behind the home plate 

§  Players shall not throw equipment. Such players are subject to ejection from the game 
by the umpire.



We will have (1) 1.5 hours of practice per week. We will be teaching players how to pitch at 
least ½ hour per practice and try to have the players pitching batting practice. All coaches will
attend a class on how to teach pitching properly.   



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